Sheikh has “DUH” moment, plane delayed 3 hours

Here’s a “duh” moment for you. This sheikh is on a plane and discovers that 3 of his female relatives were seated next to men they didn’t know. Now I am not a hamster, I understand that in his culture this kind of thing can’t be permitted, especially when the sheikh is a member of the ruling family.

What I don’t get about this is WHY did it have to take three hours to get the matter settled one way or another and get the plane off the ground. Especially when, according to the story, this sheikh goes to the pilot to complain after nobody was willing to change seats (why?!?). The pilot orders him and his group off the plane. Yet the plane is still nearly three hours late getting started.

The main “Duh” moment in this is why didn’t he just buy groups of seats so that this problem could have been avoided in the first place.