Fashion Meets Politics?

Browsing the news what do I find is the latest thing in the presidential campaign? What it’s not is McCain’s or Obama’s position on any of the issues central to this election such as jobs, the economy, the price of fuel, alternative energy, the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan or even whether or not they’re going to agree to debate in the “anytime anywhere” kind of spirit that they were talking about some time ago.

No, unfortunately the news item I’m talking about a “news” piece about “First Lady Fashion”. No, I am not a hamster and your computer memory isn’t on the fritz, you read that right. In a time when the issues of the election, presumably upon which people will base their decision of who to vote for, the news contains a whole bunch of fluff about the fashion choices of the two potential first ladies.

There’s a Video from CBS News analyzing the two women’s personalities based on their fashion choices:

on Good Morning America there was another video piece, also analyzing the two women based on their fashion choices. (I’d embed it or a link to it but ABC news doesn’t make that easy to do, you’ll just have to go to their website and fish for it like I did. Right now it’s on, but don’t count on it staying there for too long)

As if that’s not bad enough, there’s another item on the Newsweek Blog that goes into great detail about Barak Obama’s fashion choices and how that ties into his politics.

The list goes on. There are new stories, blog entries and so on that spend a lot of time playing up the fashion of one or both candidates and / or their wives. In the case of Obama and his wife, the fashion people are going out of their way to connect him and his wife with John F. Kennedy and Jacki-O.

Sorry folks, Obama may have potential to be a good president although I’m inclined to doubt that if only on the grounds of his inexperience and his growing record of making it a point of being carefully neutral on important issues, what they or their wives consider appropriate fashion really shouldn’t be a factor.

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