Kelly Ripa And The High Heel-A-Thon

I know it sounds ridiculous but apparently they actually did it. The “High Heel-a-thon” was held last Wednesday, July 9th. The way Kelly Ripa was talking about it on GMA, it apparently was supposed to be some kind of an answer to the traditional marathon. No, I am not a hamster, I don’t expect anyone to believe that there’s a single person anywhere that’s capable of doing 26.2 miles in high heels.

Instead, the qualifying heats were 50 yard dash events and the “main event” was a 150 yard dash. There was a minimum $15 donation required to register for the event with the proceeds from the registration fees going directly to The March of Dimes.

The requirements for the shoes to be worn included a minimum heel height of 3 inches, heel circumference could be no more than 3 inches and the shoes had to be a design that couldn’t be “run out of”. In order to successfully complete the race, participants had to cross the finish line with at least one heel still intact.

500 women and 11 men competed in the event and I’ll just bet that they’re all resting some seriously sore feet

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