Z-Coil Just Doesn’t Look Right

Ok, this commercial has been on enough times that I’m sure a lot of people have had a chance or six to look at these ridiculous looking things But I am not a hamster I can not keep quiet about this any more.

Is it just me or do those Z-Coil shoes look like an accident waiting to happen?

Every time I see one of those things I can’t help thinking about how very easy it would be for something to get caught or tangled on that coil spring heel thingy they have on it.

I’m not trying to say it’s like turning any shoe into a high-heel, because the coil spring in the heel of these things is open and that makes it an easy target for every kind of “tangle bait” you can think of.

I’ll give ’em that the idea of a steel coil spring “shock absorber” kind of thing in the heel of the shoe will quite probably take enough of the pounding out of walking to help a lot of people but as it is now, that design is going to last just long enough for somebody to get sued.

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