A Real Head-Scratcher

My wife found this on StumbleUpon and stumbled it to me. I have to say that it is, without doubt, three of the weirdest pictures of a house that I’ve ever seen. There’s no text to explain what’s showing so you have to decide for yourself what’s going on. I am not a hamster but I’m having a hard time trying to decide if it’s intended to be an illusion of some kind, a publicity stunt by some artist, or if somebody’s just decided to do something really weird looking.

Before you go and look for yourself, I’ll describe what it looks like to me. The pictures show the front of a house that honestly looks for all the world like one of those computer models that show the effects of the mega-gravity involved in a black hole. In fact, it almost looks like it would if a sub-microscopic black hole had passed through it. It can also be said to resemble the theoretical shape of a space warp or wormhole

The front of the house is warped, gradually at first and then severely inward into a funnel like shape that apparently exits through a wood fence into the back yard and could actually be used as such (though somebody my size would need a few months on some really strong diet pills before it’d be very easy because the small end of the funnel shape only looks like it’s about two and a half feet in diameter.

Ok, it’s on a blog called “fun fun fun” in a post called “Crowded house

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