“Brangelina” Is Not News, Especially Not Breaking News

In my email this recently:

msnbc.com: BREAKING NEWS: Angelina Jolie gives birth to twins, AP reports

What is it these days? are people THAT worried about what celebrities are up to? I am not a hamster, a birth announcement is something that lots of people welcome, even when they’d normally nuke other bogus news things as soon as they arrive. Thing is, while it may be important to a lot of people. Even far more people than should have anything to do with the situation, it’s still NOT breaking news.

And while I’m at it, “Brangelina” is ridiculous in the extreme. Does somebody actually stay up nights thinking of this crap?

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3 Replies to ““Brangelina” Is Not News, Especially Not Breaking News”

  1. Finally..someone else who is tired of the old celebrity pat on the back. The media has told everyone that they aren’t important, only those who like to play pretend in movies count to the media. Those who play pretend – or act – wouldn’t have any money if it wasn’t for us the ignored masses. Who decided that what goes on in their lives is more important than the rest of the world?

  2. <Rant>
    It’s more than just a “celebrity pat on the back”, it’s the fact that mainstream media likes to use crap like this to distract people from the real news of much more actually important things going on in the world.

    If people are all caught up in following “Brangelina” & co., then they might not notice more important things. For example the recent FISA bill that was passed that included retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies for their participation in President Bush’s Illegal domestic spying program.

    They (the telecommunications companies and Internet service providers who cooperated without demanding warrants) SHOULD be prosecuted. The SHOULD pay heavy penalties up to and including prison time for the parties responsible for their participation in illegal, unconstitutional warrantless wiretapping. Unfortunately that will now never happen because this immunity was sneaked past the public who was too busy worrying about celebrity gossip like this “brangelina” crap.

  3. your not wrong one bit, the media corporations pump out all of this useless information. Even over here in Aus we still get all this garbage about the celebrities in hollywood, its alright hearing the occasional things like someones had a baby or they have been seriously injured (not that thats a good thing) , but do we really need to be updated on how they are doing in rehab or that they have been spotted while on a holiday.

    ok so i could go on, but i have stuff to do , sorry if it seems rushed 😀

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