Double Headlines

Sometimes I wonder if the people putting headlines on a site bother to check with each other before they do something. Judging from a couple of headlines I saw today on Iwon’s news page in the technology section (as of Jul 23, 1:06 pm (ET) anyway.):

Review: TextBuyIt fun, easy to use, but limited
Yahoo CEO remains upbeat despite lackluster 2Q
Yahoo shares rise despite lackluster 2Q earnings
AT&T 2Q profit up 30 pct, matching Street’s view

Now I am not a hamster but just reading that makes my eyes hurt. Both “Yahoo” and “lackluster 2Q” appearing in two headlines out of four is a bit much. At the very least, I think it would have been a good idea to change one of them, Yahoo is the company being talked about so I suppose it has to stay but “lackluster 2Q” should have been yanked from one of them at least.

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