Thoughtless Parents And The Cruel Names They Give Children

I did it again. I went and decided that I’d heard just about everything and the nothing else could really surprise me. Then I read a blog post about some of the cruel names that some parents try to give their children.

I can’t help but wonder just exactly what some of these parents were thinking when they decided to saddle a kid with a name like “Number 16 Bus Shelter”. No, I am not a hamster, some poor kid in New Zealand actually got that for a name. You can only imagine what life is going to be like for that kid as he gets older. Between bullies at school and everybody you can think of with a bad attitude, cruel heart, or just completely thoughtless, this kid is going to be in for a rough ride until he or she gets to change it.

Basically there’s parents out there that apparently need to have some sense kicked into their obviously empty or brain damaged heads. I realize that a lot of people want to give their children names that aren’t quite so common and that’s fine. Unusual names are cool, but before you go and saddle a kid with a name like “Talula Does The Hula”, just try for a while to imagine what life is going to be like for that kid and just how much they’re liable to hate you for it later in life.

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