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Real Life Mind Control

Posted by Non-Hamster on July 29th, 2008

That's right.  I said Mind Control.  Of course, that doesn't mean what it will no doubt sound like to most people. In this case, "Mind Control" means "Brain Control Interface".  I ran across a in depth (long, 6 pages!) article about this new Brain-Computer Interface device, the "Neural Impulse Actuator" by OCZ Technology.

The article about this thing was very interesting and informative.  Enough so that I actually read the whole six page review.  I am not a hamster, it's got it's limits and there's an unusual learning curve but it's got serious potential in gaming applications and I've no doubt that it could be used with computer-assisted remote control type applications.

Imagine the advantage something like this could give in any kind of multi player online game.  Response time alone would be an order of magnitude faster than people using standard game controllers such as mice, gamepads, keyboards, trackballs or whatever.

It's intriguing enough to make me wish I could spare the just under $150 USD it costs and the time to do several hours a day gaming with it for a few months just to try it out.

Ah well, maybe someday when they come out with the second or third generation device and I'm a retired millionaire blogger I'll get one of those and play with it for sixteen hours a day.  (yeah, that's gonna happen, really it is.)

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