China And The Olympics

With the Olympics being in China this time around there’s more attention finally being given to China and some of the ways they’re doing things are getting a little more press than usual. It’s long overdue and still not enough.

Y’see, back when China was granted the shot at hosting the Olympic games they made a bunch of promises to improve things in the area of human rights. In a nutshell, they’ve blown it on most, if not all, of those promises. I am not a hamster, I think it’s time for spectators, athletes and governments that believe in basic freedoms and rights for all people everywhere to give serious consideration to deciding that it’s a better idea to NOT rush to pack their new Johnston and Murphy luggage and go rushing off to Bejing.

To go ahead with this only serves to tell China that they’re not obligated to keep promises that it made.

It’s telling them that it’s okay with us if they imprison and execute thousands of people a year for “crimes” that don’t warrant such penalties.

It tells them that we’re just fine with massive censorship of the media and internet to block efforts of Chinese citizens to learn the truth about all kinds of things going on in the world that don’t agree with the governments communist point of view.

Well, China needs to get the message that these things are most definitely NOT ok. They need to get the message that we’re not going to give approval by participating in something that makes a mockery of what the Olympics are supposed to symbolize.

Too bad most of the countries, businesses and even a large number of athletes are more concerned with the money that stands to be made either directly or indirectly from participation in the Bejing games.

For more about China’s human rights violations, check out Amnesty International’s site

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