Do “Fat Burners” Really Work?

You can tell I’ve been stumbling around again when I run across something like this page about something called Anoretix.

The site spent a lot of words going into considerable detail about this stuff, talking about the ingredients in it and the benefits that are associated with them. I’ve honestly never heard of any of them before. Heck, I had a hard time trying to pronounce some of them, then again, I am not a hamster nor am I a doctor or any kind of weight loss professional either.

The only things I know about the subject for sure is that it sounds impressive. After doing a bit of search engine time on the subject out of curiosity I discovered that it’s equally easy to find people talking in favor of it as it is to find people against it.

I guess in the end it’s up to everybody to decide for themselves to try things like that or not and while I could certainly stand to shed more than a few pounds, I remain undecided about fat burners.

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