Skype And BackDoors

I’ve been seeing more and more mention of the possibility that the Skype VOIP service has one or more ‘backdoors’ in it’s security that allow connections to be bugged. Of course, Skype is denying this left and right. Thing is, there’s really only one way that those denials are going to ever be taken seriously.

That’s for the source code for the Skype software to be made open source and released for the public to lay out under the brightest home theater lighting they can arrange for where it can be thoroughly studied to make certain that there are no backdoors in the Skype software.

Then again, I am not a hamster, even that solution isn’t a guarantee. The best way would be for everybody to get digitally signed source code from a source that’s trustworthy to assure it’s being free of backdoors. Then they’d just have to verify the digital signature and compile the app from source.

and yeah, I get it, most people will never do that.

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