Downtime In The Hospital

Regular readers will note that there’s a gap of several days from the end of last week to the beginning of this week where there was no posting. Just this last weekend my wife had to be hospitalized because of a Brown Recluse Spider bite. Naturally, since I am not a hamster, I went along with her both to keep her company and help out in whatever way I could.

What’s that? You don’t see why I should stay with her in the hospital? Well first off, the hospital is actually set up for it. Rooms include a place for a family member to stay with the patient. Second off, she’s done the same for me through several of my stays in the hospital and I was glad she was there. Third, unless there’s some situation that prevents it, a guy that will not go along with his wife probably ought to be beaten with a flail of HDMI cables.

Spending time in the hospital is boring, particularly for the patient who usually doesn’t feel very good and often isn’t up to doing very much in the way of conversation or activity. Fortunately my wife was in better shape than that, mostly needing a bunch of anti-biotics to fight off the effects of the bite.

I never realized how bad those things were but they’re pretty bad. Enough so that my old habit of casually picking up spiders to get rid of them when they’re found in the house will be changing. Now I’ll squash the things first.

There’s a bunch more to the story than that but I’m not going to try writing much more about it because I just *know* I’ll get parts of it wrong. The curious are invited to read a series of posts where she’s writing the story in much better detail than I could, starting with “Oh No You Did Not!

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