Keep an eye on the calendars guys!

Here’s a word to the wise. Get a calendar, real or virtual, and use it. This especially applies if you’re the type that’s prone to forget things like birthdays and anniversaries. This may not be a major big deal with a lot of the people in your lives but your wife is definitely NOT one of those. The only thing more important than remembering the birthday or anniversary is what you get them for a birthday or anniversary gift.

Whatever you do, DON’T get her something “practical”. Us guys often appreciate “practical” gifts, but the ladies don’t generally think the same way. I am not a hamster and if you’re not either you’ll realize that it doesn’t matter if she’s been after you for a year to get a new washer dryer combo, kitchen appliance, or other useful thing. Getting something like that on her birthday or anniversary will put you in the doghouse so fast it’ll make your head spin. She’ll appreciate sentimental gifts much more. Get the practical things when it’s NOT birthday or anniversary time. They’ll go over a lot better I guarantee it.

One Reply to “Keep an eye on the calendars guys!”

  1. If any of you are “paper” people check out our calendar/organizer at and MAKE SURE YOU POST THE IMP’T BIRTHDAYS,PERSONAL CELEBRATIONS and HOLIDAYS on your calendars not only on the appropriate date but THE WEEK BEFORE! – in BOLD! (You may want to buy BBB for your wife too – just because you love her – not for anything special.)

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