Olympic Age

I was watching some of the Olympic coverage tonight and caught the part where they were talking about the age requirements for competitors was that they had to be 16 years old for the calendar year of the Olympics. The question was raised because of some of the Chinese “womens” gymnastics team that looked very much like they could easily be no more than ten or twelve years old.

I am not a hamster, if they keep up with their practice of starting training as young as possible they’re going to have to stock up on disposable diapers at the training centers. You think that’s an exaggeration? Take a look for yourself, some of the performers today couldn’t possibly have been more than 12 or 13 at the most.

Yeah, I know that the International Olympic Committee people and Chinese govt reps said that they all have passports that say they’re 16. DUH! You don’t think that those passports couldn’t be fiction? Just because a government official says something is true doesn’t mean it is.

I think that at the very least this needs to be looked into by somebody that can smell BS a block away.

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