What If Cats Had Zits?

I’m in one of those stranger moods and I’ve just had an appropriately strange thought. Naturally I figured the most logical thing to do was to inflict said strangeness on you, the unsuspecting reader.

Our cat has recently recovered from a problem that had him getting a twice daily dose of that lovely pink, sticky, wants to go everywhere but the cat’s mouth, antibiotic. Medicine time is one of those that I decide that it really was a good idea to get him de-clawed way back when… well, actually it’s only like that once in a while because he’s a pretty well behaved cat.

Anyway… It’s one of those train of thought kinda things where I saw him sitting in the window surveying his domain. That had me thinking of the fact that he’s looking a lot better now. Which reminds me that he’s had the last dose of the aforementioned pink sticky goo. This reminds me of the fact that while he’s usually pretty good about letting me give it to him, he does struggle a bit.

That struggle often ends up with a drop or two of the pink goo on his white fur. Those little dots of pink look for all the world like some of the major zits that I was blessed to not have a lot of as a teenager.

That of course, leads me to imagine what it would be like to try applying acne treatment cream to a cat or worse yet, what my father would have done and how the cat would have reacted to his insistence on squeezing any zit he could see between his thumbnails in the effort to pop it. (that memory hurts thinking about it!)

Can you just imagine how the average cat would react to such things?

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