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Stumblin Around:

Posted by Non-Hamster on August 20th, 2008

I imagine that when most people finally get back home after being away for several days they'd prefer to jump in and at least get caught up on some of the tons of email that tend to pile up and I sorta did, though mostly what I did was download it and set it aside to look at later.  Actually, I am not a hamster, I have to admit that I wanted to sit back for a few hours to catch up on some blogging that I want to do but even that wasn't quite to be for a few days while my wife and I get some kind of a routine going after her stay in the hospital.

So I'm taking a bit of time here and a bit there because I am not a hamster, until the pain she's dealing with cuts back and she gets well enough to be up and around I need to make sure she's taken care of.  However now there's a few minutes to 'veg' in front of the computer just to relax the mind so I decided to do a bit of stumbling because some of the stuff you find on there is pretty interesting, others are business or anything else.

One site I stumbled was  Falling into the category of "online store with a brick and mortar presence", they sell just about anything you can think of in the way of baby needs.  From Britax car seats to clothing, furniture, hardware (strollers, carriers, toys, travel needs, etc).

I know that baby needs is and has always been a big business but I guess I never quite managed to notice just how much stuff is made and sold specifically for baby needs of one kind or another.

It's also pretty cool that I saw this site 'cause it might just be useful when my youngest niece reaches her first birthday.

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