How Many Hamsters Are You?

I am not a hamster and it’s a good thing because I’d be a lot of them. To illustrate that point I’ll explain why I’m one of those folks that could well be interested in reading things like Fenterdren reviews.

Then, just for the heck of it, I did some research and found that the average hamster weighs in at approximately 3 to 5 ounces. Doing a bit of math I decided first to be generous and assume that we’re dealing with “large” hamsters that all weigh 5 ounces each.

Then I took my weight, approximately 324 lbs the last time I was on a scale (btw- that’s down from 345, so there.) and multiplied it by 16 to convert it to ounces. 324 x 16 = 5184 ounces. Next I divided the number of ounces by 5 ounces per hamster to get the number of hamsters that I would make. 5184 / 5 = 1036.8 “large” hamsters.

Please note that in spite of the gruesome image that might occur when you think about the .8 hamster, no actual hamsters were harmed in the course of these calculations.

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