North Carolina mental hospital patient left 22 hours in a chair to die

One of the things that’s so definitely wrong with the world is the way a lot of elderly and sick are treated. Case in point is the story of Steven H. Sabock. He was a patient at Cherry Hospital. He died because he choked on medication.

The part that should anger a lot of people is that a nurse stood nearby without helping. In fact, acording to the news story I saw about it, security video shows that there were plenty of people around. It’s just that they apparently preferred to tend to much more important matters such as watching tv, playing cards or running out for Starbucks coffee… anything that is except their jobs.

Is it any wonder that Cherry Hospital director Jack St. Clair couldn’t be reached when news crews wanted to talk to him about the incident? I am not a hamster, I can guess that he and others at Cherry Hospital were probably very busy consulting with lawyers because you’ve gotta know that there’s going to be a lawsuit and quite probably criminal proceedings. At least there should be. There’s no excuse for this kind of criminal negligence.

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