Nobody Surprised That Obama Gets Nomination

So now it’s official and Barack Obama has now been “officially” nominated to be the Democratic candidate for president. Honestly, I can’t help wondering why they even bothered to hold a convention. I mean really, I am not a hamster, you just can’t tell me that once Clinton finally conceded and the primaries ended there was any doubt that Obama would get the nomination.

In any event, now that it’s all official, I’ve still got a lot of the same doubts about him that I’ve had all along. There’s the experience issue for one. While it would be something of a change to have a president that’s young enough not to need wrinkle cream on a regular basis. Thing is, will his relative youth be a liability?

Then there’s his running mate. I have to say that I really didn’t expect him to choose Biden and from what I can tell it seems to have surprised a lot of people that he didn’t pick Clinton. On the other hand, his doing that would have sealed a lot of votes against him because there’s quite a few who would never vote for a ticket that had Hillary on it.

The next thing on the political agenda is going to be finding out who McCain’s choice is for VP. I hear he’s decided not to announce this soon after Obama’s nomination but it better be soon if the McCain camp is going to be able to get into full-out campaign mode. Time’s starting to get short. November is closer now than you might think.

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