McCain Picks Palin, Surprises Everybody

I recently wrote an entry titled “Nobody Surprised That Obama Gets Nomination” and without doubt, Obama getting the Democratic nomination was so anti-climactic it wasn’t funny. I’m even surprised the news people watched. The whole thing was a foregone conclusion from the start. I am not a hamster, I need at least a little bit of suspence to make watching a convention more interesting than picking out next year’s patio furniture covers.

Then came the VP nominations. Obama managed a surprise when he picked Joe Biden over Clinton (not that I wanted to see her get the nod!) and then McCain comes along and throws a bucket of cold water on everybody when he announced that he’d settled on Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Now along with the rest of the lower 48 states, I don’t know much about her (though that’s probably going to change quickly), I do know that I like the attitude she projected in her acceptance speech.

This move is going to change some people’s choice, if only because a lot of the Clinton supporters were going to vote for her just because she was a woman running for high office. Now that Obama has decided not to pick her I figure a lot of them will move to the McCain camp because he did pick a woman running mate.

We’re in for an interesting ride at least.

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