How Many Times Do I have To Tell You?

I’ll be that probably almost everyone reading has heard that question from a parent / guardian / teacher or other authority figure at least once, probably dozens of times. It’s also a phrase that I’ve been catching myself using when going through my email. Yes, I am not a hamster but I do admit talking to my email (and other) programs.

In this case the program is Mozilla Thunderbird, which in most cases works just perfectly. However when it comes to mail being marked as junk by it’s built in baysean filter system it is getting on my nerves something fierce.

Like a lot of people, I subscribe to several “breaking news” services. One of them, the one from CBS that starts the subject line with “ News Alert!”, is continually marked as junk and I have to hit the “this is not junk” button every time.

This has persisted for a LONG time now and once in a while it really gets under my skin so I’m asking now if anyone knows how to get this thing to get a clue and mark stuff correctly? How long does it take for it to understand that CBS news isn’t “junk” (regardless of the content or slant of it, I subscribed to it therefore it isn’t “junk”.)

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