Semi-Random Surf: WebHosting Rating

The Semi-Random Surf this time is, It’s the kind of site that’s going to be of particular interest for anyone looking for a web hosting company. Whether you’re changing from an old webhost that can no longer meet your needs or looking for a place to host your first website, it’s worth some time to look over hosting rating sites to get an idea of how the various hosts stack up.

Hey, I am not a hamster, If I’m putting up a site I want the best reliability and service I can get in a host. This goes double if it’s a commercial site. For example, if I were setting something up now I’d be looking at possible hosts like InMotion Hosting Inc. or Web Hosting Pad. In fact, I’d also be looking over all of the hosts on the top ten list.

This isn’t just a list of webhosts and how they rate according to whatever system somebody put in place, there’s also quite a growing list of articles like this one about multiple domains

Like I said, I’m not in the market right now but whenever I am you can bet I’ll spend a bunch of time shopping before I decide on something.

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