Dogone Dog Gone

Several months ago we got a new pup. She was quite the energetic little bundle at what was it? six or eight weeks old? Anyway, We figured that because she was so small that our cat would be able to learn to get along with her. We also figured that as she got older some of the hyperactive thing would go away. Boy were we ever mistaken.

The new pup was every bit as active as they get and curious to boot. She was into literally everything that she could reach. It didn’t take us long to take preventative measures.. we bought certain essential dog supplies.. not just the usual flea & tick treatments but chew toys, both edible and not, so that she’d have plenty to chew on without destroying furniture, clothes, and carpeting.

The cat got along with her ok at first, but as the dog got larger than him things changed between them. They still played but he quickly learned to only do so from a place that gave him a height advantage. However as sure as I am not a hamster I’ll bet you can see where this ended up going.

The dog reached a point where she was easily ten times the size of the cat. Despite this difference in size, she still wanted to play. Problem was, she liked to pounce on him, bite at his ears, and so on. Another habit she had was to catch him in the closet where we kept his litter box (with the door rigged to keep the dog out of it) and sit in front of it trapping him in there. Other times, she would park in front of it or where she could see the approach and run to keep him out if he was headed for it.

Then came the time that we had to be gone for several days a couple of times. We had family stopping by to pick up the cat to keep for that time and to feed & water the dog. Unfortunately doggie-darling decided somewhere in there that going outside to take a healthy was no longer important since the carpeted floors were so much easier to get to.

The dog is now living somewhere else in an outside environment that suits her much better. Though I understand that some of her more annoying habits continue to this day.

Meanwhile the cat has finally decided to pretty much forgive us for foisting her on him and has gone back to his formerly friendly self.

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