North Korea Threatening To Restart Reactor

North Korea (image from wikipedia)I see that North Korea is now making threats that it could restart it’s nuclear reactor. The mere mention of this intention is enough to set off the political equivalent of a pulse oximeter all over the place.

In fact, according to a cbs article, they’ve already begun work reversing the process of shutting down the reactor in Yongbyon and it could conceivably go on line in a year or so.

I am not a hamster, North Korea, or any nation under control of somebody like Kim Jong Il with nuclear capability is not something that the rest of the world can easily be comfortable with. The fact that they’ve also stated that they no longer care if they’re on the U.S. list of nations sponsoring terrorism is another reason to be concerned.

I guess we’ll just have to watch ’em like a hawk and be ready to respond appropriately if they try to pull something/

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