Idaho U.S. Attorney making Federal Case Out Of Spilled Soda

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If you’ve ever had any doubts that some people are not only without brains, but they’re also without any sense (you’ll note I didn’t say common sense, there ain’t no such thing anymore. sense isn’t common at all.) or compassion. The story of a woman facing federal charges over a soda that she refused to pay for and then dumped on the counter will convince you.

No I am not a hamster, This really is an actual case. Though I think perhaps the prosecutor’s brain might have been affected by too much weight loss product use causing his brain to shrink.

It’s just plain ridiculous that the feds have this woman facing two counts that each carry a maximum sentence of six months in federal prison… of course I think it’s special that the news story didn’t say two counts of what?

This thing is so asinine it isn’t funny and it’s right up there with the RIAA suing 90 year old grandmothers and five year old kids for millions of dollars because they *THINK* somebody downloaded a song or two.

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