Offshore Oil Bill Finally Passes

Congress has FINALLY passed the bill that will permit offshore oil drilling.

Now I am not a hamster, I’m fully aware that it’s going to take quite a bit of time and even more money before lifting this 25 year long ban will have much impact on gas prices, however it’s a step in the right direction. We’ve got a LOT of oil reserves that have been laying there untapped for years because of that ban and it’s long past time for it to be lifted.

I also realize that expecting serious price cuts from “Big Oil” is kinda like expecting to get a cheap rate on NC health insurance for Don Corleone. In spite of that, it WILL eventually have a positive impact on both the supply and price of gas and other petrochemicals & such.

Now we just need to get things really in gear with the Alaskan oil reserves. Those two things, along with continued development of electric and alternative fuels for cars, wind and solar generation systems to produce electricity, we’ll have a good fighting chance of getting through the next few hundred winters without having to walk eight miles uphill both ways to work every day in eighteen feet of snow like we tell our kids we used to do.


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