Attack Of The Mutant Dust Bunnies

Summer is beginning to fade and fall moves in slowly to take over. As the temperatures dropped out of the upper reaches a few weeks ago, we started shutting down the air conditioner and opening the windows. At first this would only last for a few hours at a time in the early morning, after which we were forced to close up and turn the air conditioner back on to keep from roasting.

The thing is, I never seem to notice how much dust and such gathers inside during those periods when the house is closed up tight because it’s too cold or hot outside. Then we open up in spring and fall, next thing you know it’s like cobwebs seem to almost sprout from the ceilings overnight and dust appears on practically every surface you can find. It doesn’t take long to start thinking “maybe I should have a closer look at one of those IQAir” air filters.”

Even that isn’t the worst of it however. The worst is when you inevitably have need to look under something. That’s when you run into the mutant dust bunnies. They’re larger than the normal ones you find in the hottest part of the summer or the coldest days of winter and I am not a hamster, I swear they breed at night in the dark……. prolifically.

Not only are they larger, but they’re absolutely everywhere. So you get out brooms, dust rags or one of those things that’s got the feather duster sending singing candygrams. You vacuum everywhere and take time to change the furnace air filter (or the air conditioner filter depending on the season… in our house, the heating and air conditioning systems both use the same filter).

Some years ago we even got one of those ozone generators that’s supposed to use an ionizing effect that, among other things, is supposed to mean less dust in the air (and less smoke if there’s smokers in the house). It did ok but it also had a barely audible but constant 60hz hum that caused us to eventually turn it off when it came to open windows season.

Now that fall is in full swing I think we’ve gotten the worst of the summer dust out of the way, but dealing with those MDB’s can be a real hazard. There were several times that dust in one place or another made breathing difficult. Finally however the summer MDB’s is pretty much for the most part gone (you never really get it all though, the survivors breed to produce the winter MDB’s).

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