Stupid Traffic Laws

I understand that we have to have laws to keep order, let everyone know what’s expected of them and what things we expect them not to do. The problem however is that along the way some really stupid laws get enacted and you have to ask yourself, just HOW did this asininity get signed into law?

Hey, I am not a hamster, even if an entire legislature were insane enough to vote on them, you’d think that any governor or president with even two functioning brain cells would look at them and say “Hey, waitjustacottonpickingminute! That law is stupid and pointless.” and then veto the stupidity.

Yet we end up with laws and ordinances like these:

In Pennsylvania anyone driving a motor vehicle along a country road at night is required to stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock before continuing.

It’s illegal to ride a camel in Nevada. (Well crap!, there goes my Vegas vacations planning! Gee thanks for nothing guys!)

In California laws made it illegal to jump from a car at 65 mph. (yeah? What’s the penalty?)

In Hartford, Connecticut, you’re not allowed ti cross the street walking on your hands.

Driving an ugly horse is not permitted in Washington.

In Memphis, Tennessee, it is illegal for a woman to drive a car unless there is a man either running or walking in front of it waving a red flag to warn approaching motorists and pedestrians. (I’ll tell you what *YOU* try telling that to my wife and see what happens! I’ll be across the street.)

In Utah all kinds of birds have the rights of way on any highways. (and just what are the birds doing on the highways? {splat} )

In China drivers who stop at pedestrian crossings may receive a fine or a warning under Article 40 of the Beijing Traffic Laws. (note to self, never go to China)

In Youngstown, Ohio, you may not run out of gas. (no doubt the brain who thought that one up owned the only gas station at the time)

In the UK it is prohibited to drive a car without sitting in the front seat. (them europeans sure are funny about that. Too bad they drive on the wrong side of the road)

A Denmark traffic law prohibits starting a car if anyone is under it. ( “Fire in the hole!” )

In Florida you may not ride a skateboard without license. (yeah, just try enforcing that)

In Alaska it’s illegal to tether a dog to the roof of a car. (Hey Fido, You wanna see the city?)

In Kentucky you will be fined if your pet molests a vehicle. (Your dog did WHAT to my car??!?!)

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