Anus Burgers, A Disturbing Trend In Fast Food

Over the years I’ve heard all kinds of claims, humorous and otherwise about just exactly what is used in fast food or how much actual meat is used in a particular company’s burgers. However this one is a prizewinner.

Some of the ones that I remember include the joke about why White Castle hamburgers have each got five holes in them (because that’s how many shots it takes to kill the rat). There’s the one about McD’s announcing that they butchered their second cow last week. And so on.

Then there are the real life (and I am not a hamster, I know that sometimes they’re just urban legends.) cases of some of the things that people find *IN* their burgers. Dead mice, pieces of fingers (or other body parts), bandages, contact lenses, dental fillings, and so on.

There was a legend that circulated several times about a worker who disappeared, never to be seen again, at a McDonald’s meat processing plant and the burgers produced in that plant around that same time having a “funny” taste.

I think there’s always some kind of thing like that circulating about any fast food outlet, most of them aren’t quite so “soylent green” as that one though I think that a few of them might be worse.

The topper came when I saw this pic of a Burger King sign inviting people to try their new “Anus Burger”. Obviously this is either a prank, somebody has a REAL problem with spelling, the ‘G’ could have been blown off by wind which then pushed the remaining letters together, or maybe somebody’s photoshopped the image to make a statement about what they think of the Angus burgers.

So I decided to look around a bit just for the heck of it. It didn’t take long to be rewarded for my troubles. I found another one. This time a McDonald’s sign, also promoting a “New Anus Burger” (as opposed to an old anus burger yech!)

This expands the set of theories to include the possibility of competition between rivals causing McDonald’s to try to compete with Burger King on what they perceived to be BK’s latest newest product offering.

I’m wondering is what do the guys in the board rooms of the respective corporations think of this and how many people got fired over it?

I’m also wondering just what’s next? How is anyone going to top “Anus Burgers”?

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