Today’s P.I.T.A.: Unsolicited Stumbles From Strangers

StumbleUpon has become a monstrous success as one of the more unique social bookmarking type sites on the net. Unfortunately it’s also becoming a growing source of irritation. Lately I have received a growing number of stumbles sent to me by people I’ve never heard of and who are not in my friends list.

These stumbles are accompanied by a message asking me to give a thumbs up and a review of the page that they’re sending me. Now I am not a hamster, I get it that spreading the word about your newest blog posts, product offers and franchise opportunities is a big part of what StumbleUpon is used for and I’ve no gripes with that. The traffic that can be generated with StumbleUpon is great. Heck I use it myself for the same reasons.

However I think there’s a line that more and more people are crossing that just isn’t acceptable. Sending stumbles to strangers asking them for a thumbs up for a particular page. I think it’s not only rude, but isn’t any better than email trying to sell viagra or tell me that I need to give my personal information to some bank that I’ve never heard of to get my account (that I don’t have) straightened out.

So, If you’re in the habit of sending stumbles to people not even in your friends list with messages like “Thumb up and review it please!”, or “thumb and a review plz”, “please thumb-up and/or review”, “Can I get a thumbs up? tnx”, “plz take a sec and thumbs up this for me”, “Can you review this for me please?” and so on… I have two words for you.

Please Stop.

Effective immediately, when I receive a stumble I’m going to check to see if the sender is on my friends list. If they’re not, then at the very least the page they sent will get a thumbs down. If any one person is doing very much of these unsolicited things asking for a thumb up and review, then, on a case by case basis, I’ll consider reporting that stumbler to SU admins as an annoyance.

Frankly, even if you ARE on somebody’s friends list, don’t you think it would be reasonable to have some kind of rapport or relationship with somebody before you start asking favors of them? I’m not saying that we need to be best buddies and go fishing a few times or whatever, but I do think that it’s unreasonable to click a button that says you are “friends” with somebody and then start asking them to look at, approve of (by hitting thumbs up) and review something.

Family members or people that I actually know to some degree (even if only online) for some time and have some form of exchanges with outside of StumbleUpon (even if not IRL). These are the people that I will welcome such a stumble request from. If on the other hand, I don’t know you at all and you’re nothing more to me than an anonymous name in my SU friends or subscribers lists, then I don’t know you and you don’t know me well enough to ask for my time like that.

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