Sony Making More Noise

I saw a headline tonight that got me thinking a bit. Apparently Sony is making moves to “harmonize music & electronics“. Now I am not a hamster, Sony’s so far out of whack it isn’t funny.

In a way, Sony reminds me of the typical older teenager, They’re just getting over the worst of their fight with acne but haven’t finished maturing by a long ways. They’re pretty much at the stage where they know everything, just ask ’em.

Problem is that the thing Sony needs to Harmonize isn’t the electronics & music so much as it’s own image. See, there’s still a LOT of people out there who remember the rootkit DRM thing. There’s a lot more of us that are well aware of their continued use of DRM. If they really want to harmonize something, how about they harmonize with customers and drop the DRM?

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