What Was Interim Spying Report Kept Secret?

Last summer Congress passed the new “electronic spying bill”. One provision of that bill ordered the inspectors general of the U.S. intelligence agencies to produce a public report on President Bush’s warrantless-surveillance program.

This report was due July – ’09, which puts it long after the Bush administration leaves office. However, in a move the clearly shows that *somebody’s* brain is apparently affected by taking too many of the wrong kind of diet supplements, this “public report”, which was written by CIA inspector general John Helgerson, was marked classified.

Now I am not a hamster, how can a “public report” be “classfied”? Methinks Mr. Helgerson ought to start looking for another job because clearly he doesn’t understand the meaning of the term “public report” nor does he understand that something “public” cannot possibly be “classified”.

In the meantime, I think he needs to answer the very pressing question: “Why was this public report deemed classified?”.

He needs to make his answer a really good one because I also think that he (and quite possibly the inspectors general of the other U.S. Intelligence agencies along with him.) stand a really good chance of getting slapped with contempt of congress and maybe even some jail time.

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