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The World Of Terrible Video Tutorials

Posted by Non-Hamster on October 30th, 2008

Video is great.  There's a lot you can do with it.  I have for example come to very much appreciate video tutorials that you can find on YouTube, Metacafe and probably any video sharing site.  There's been a bunch of them that I've found very useful.

Unfortunately there's also been some that have been ... less than useful.  Watching them and trying desperately to understand what's going on can be almost as much of a pain as a really bad case of Plantar Fasciitis.

For example.  I've been going over some video editing tutorials that explain and demonstrate how to achieve various special effects.  I am not a hamster, I like to think that I can understand almost anything that's presented in a clear, logical fashion.  After that it's just a matter of execution which just means more trials.

However the video that I just watched a few minutes ago was horrible.  I'll spare you the url for it so that you don't have to try to understand a very soft spoken person talking through some overly loud headbanging "music".

The end result is that I didn't learn nearly as much about using rotoscope video effects as I wanted to or indeed could have if I had been able to understand the person speaking.

It means I'm going to keep looking for better tutorials and try to piece together the parts of the ones that I am able to follow and go from there.  It's just going to be slower.

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