The World Of Terrible Video Tutorials

Video is great. There’s a lot you can do with it. I have for example come to very much appreciate video tutorials that you can find on YouTube, Metacafe and probably any video sharing site. There’s been a bunch of them that I’ve found very useful.

Unfortunately there’s also been some that have been … less than useful. Watching them and trying desperately to understand what’s going on can be almost as much of a pain as a really bad case of Plantar Fasciitis.

For example. I’ve been going over some video editing tutorials that explain and demonstrate how to achieve various special effects. I am not a hamster, I like to think that I can understand almost anything that’s presented in a clear, logical fashion. After that it’s just a matter of execution which just means more trials.

However the video that I just watched a few minutes ago was horrible. I’ll spare you the url for it so that you don’t have to try to understand a very soft spoken person talking through some overly loud headbanging “music”.

The end result is that I didn’t learn nearly as much about using rotoscope video effects as I wanted to or indeed could have if I had been able to understand the person speaking.

It means I’m going to keep looking for better tutorials and try to piece together the parts of the ones that I am able to follow and go from there. It’s just going to be slower.

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