Researchers Finally Figure Out RFID’s Are Vulnerable

I just saw a slashdot Item about some researchers at the University of Washington have finally figured out that RFID’s are vulnerable to assorted kinds of mischief including snooping and copying.

There’s a summary of their report but essentially the guts of the thing is that these researchers have apparently just now figured out what the rest us have known for a long time.

We knew back on April 27, 2005 when the NY Times published an article in which the State Department admitted that there were security flaws in RFID passport designs.

Then there’s a Wired Article from back on November 17, 2006 about just exactly how easy it was to crack Briton’s new hi-tech RFID equipped passport.

Then there’s a piece on Boing Boing that referred to a Times Online story about how a “Fakeproof” e-passport was cloned within a matter of minutes and the clone accepted as real by readers meant for the real thing.

I am not a hamster but this seems like a massive, industrial sized DUH moment going on here. Why is it that everybody can see the problems with these things but the governments so anxious to implement them?

Whups.. I said the word “government” there didn’t I? Guess I answered my own question.

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