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A Belgian ISP by the name of "Scarlet" won something of a victory in copyright law recently.  They had been ordered to block "block transfers of copyrighted materials via P2P".  The order was reversed because the judge agreed that the way the Belgian flavor of the RIAA proposed to implement proved to be ineffective.

Of course they proved to be ineffective!  I am not a hamster but I'm more and more convinced that the RIAA might very well be using a single, hamster powered, brain between all of them.

One of the biggest arguments against an ISP (or anybody else for that matter) blocking "copyrighted materials" from being transferred by P2P is that they can't reliably be able to determine what transfers are copyrighted and which ones are perfectly legal.

That determination is only going to get harder as more P2P systems incorporate encryption on various levels to A) make it difficult if not impossible for an observer to determine what is being transferred and B) make it more difficult for security systems and sniffer software to tell P2P related from other types of connections.

If you ask me (and even if you don't ;P ) I think that the RIAA and MPAA should just give up this fight against P2P file sharing because they're never going to win.  They would be much better off to go after big time commercial piracy, the kind where people are making a fortune doing bootleg copies of the latest hot movies.

I also will not be the least bit surprised if they someday should find that all of their computer systems are infected with something genuinely paralyzing because I truly believe that they're screwing around with the wrong crowd.  Let 'em get far enough on the wrong side of some of these digital geniuses and they'll find they can't even open notepad without being told what a 10zer they are.  (not to mention they can forget about having credit.  Ever.)

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