Oil Company Record Profits

Have you heard the latest? The one about how the Big oil companies are showing all time record profits? We’re in the middle of a recession depression, fuel prices have been at some of their highest levels ever and these greed infested ^%#@*#%’s get to post all time record profits?

Yeah, I know, the prices are coming back down. How low do you think they’re going? How long will they STAY low? How long before the greedy $^#@&*’s in OPEC decide to cut production far enough to put the squeeze back on big time?

I wonder how they manage to do this and still whine about how they don’t have enough money to spend on alternative energy research & development? I guess the only way I can think of for them to do this is to have a set of “personalized books“… one set with the real numbers and another set that’s been cooked so that they can whine to Congress about how they need tax subsidies to afford doing the R&D that needs to be done.

Yeah, right. I am not a hamster and I wasn’t born yesterday either. If they’re making record profits then they have the money to actually DO the R&D that needs to be done to get us OFF of the oil addiction and on to using a cheap, renewable, DOMESTIC energy solution.

I’d really like to see that happen. Because then we could cut off all dealings with the OPEC nations and let ’em eat crude oil.

I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen though should I? Those ninnies in charge of Big Oil will keep doing things the way they are for as long as they can get away with it. Then they’ll scramble like madmen trying to fast track a solution they *COULD* have started working on for real FIFTY YEARS AGO!!

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