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It's (past) Time For A Limit

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 2nd, 2008

Anyone out there as tired of political this and that as I am?  I mean, the various campaigns for the 2008 election have been going on for over 21 months!  I heard that mentioned on the news the other day and it just kinda struck me.  I knew it had been a long time, over a year in fact, and the whole thing has long since gotten to the point of seeming interminable.

But when they said 21 months I stopped and thought about it and sure enough, at least 21 months of this.  .  I am not a hamster, It's just too much, just as we need term limits to keep people from holding an office forever just because they're "good old boys" who've been there forever, we need limits on how long a campaign is allowed to be.

How about we limit this to something like a couple of months before the primaries and no campaign advertising after the primaries until 60 days before the general election.  Oh, I'm not saying that they can't go ahead and crank up their machine and start talking to people who are interested.  I'm just saying that there is no excuse for a twenty-one month long media blast of political campaigning events and advertising carried all over the place.

To all politicians:

We're sick to death of hearing you flap your lips endlessly.  99.999% of you are doing nothing but creating enough hot air to cause the fiction of global warming to come true overnight.

Not to mention the fact that most of you are just promising crap you know darn well you can't produce without a LOT of cooperation ... and the large percentage that are lying through your teeth, saying anything you can think of just to get (re)elected.  So, If you don't have something useful and / or helpful to say to those of us who elected you...


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