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Arriving In The World Of Video Making

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 2nd, 2008

I've recently gotten very interested in making videos.  Largely because I've been learning how to do some cool visual effects.  One good example is this video in which I finally managed to achieve the Star Trek TOS style transporter effect.  Oh, I am not a hamster, I'm well aware that this particular trick is no great potatoes to those who have been doing amateur video or have actual video related job descriptions but I still think it's really cool that I managed to pull it off with only a little bit of essential help.

The video itself was made for a contest, with the subject being to make a video about your hometown.  There wasn't a whole lot in the way of restrictions on it, the idea was to have fun making it and to improve skills in the process.  Well, I had fun with it and I definitely improved my skills, between the transporter and the 3-D Opening Title.

Anyway... I'm planning on doing more, even if it's only to show off new visual effects as I learn how to do them decently.  And yes, those among you who're experienced and spot this are right, I need to improve my lighting big time for Chroma-Key scenes.

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