Is It Just Me …

Or is Viddler running really slow lately? For that matter, I’m curious what differences there are between them and YouTube. Just from the fact that they both essentially do the same thing, serve videos in flash format, I don’t see why one should be all that slower than the other.

As far as I can tell, it’s not the server side either. Videos download quickly enough, though I’ve had several times when watching them will give you enough time to start planning Disney vacations while you wait for the movie.

Thing is, it’s not this way all the time, there’s plenty of times when it runs pretty reasonable. Other times it’s start-stop and a bit jerky, even after the video has completely loaded. Now I am not a hamster, I know enough to shut down extra processes when something like this happens to see if that’s the cause and it hasn’t made a difference. I can have nothing running except a single browser tab and still hit 100% cpu while watching something on viddler, even after waiting for the video to completely load first.

This kind of thing hardly ever happens on YouTube but I still doubt that it’s a server side issue, at least not in the ability to get the movie downloaded quickly. The one difference I can see is that Viddler’s embed code is longer. (though it does essentially the same thing as YouTube’s embed code)

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