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In the still small hours of the early morning, still hours before the sunrise, a wave of relief swept across the nation.  People relaxed with a positively palpable relief when they awoke in the middle of the night and staggered blurry-eyed to the bathroom for the three-something-in-the-flipping-morning-tired-walking-zombie-but-gotta-go-anyway routine and remembered what day it was.  I am not a hamster nor can I swear to what YOU did in that glorious moment of sheer exhaustion but I can tell you what went through my mind.

"Hey!, it's the fifth, no more election crap and political ads for a while ... "

( Stumbling back from the bathroom and thinking even slower because of the hour )



The campaigning, debates, debates about debates, mud slinging and tv & radio spots are finally over with for a while.  Good thing too.  I was getting to the point of wanting to do bodily harm to the next person that asked me (in person or otherwise) to vote for them.

Heck, I don't even wanna hear the guy from that commercial ask if I'm in good hands.

I don't even wanna hear somebody ask me "can you hear me now?"

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