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Today's P.I.T.A: Comodo Firewall

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 7th, 2008

I did something I sincerely wish I hadn't.  I tried out Comodo firewall.  I installed it Thursday morning and then proceeded to spend most of that day, up to 1:00am the next day trying to get rid of the thing!

I would have been much better off to spend my time looking for a good cheap auto insurance policy to see if I could save some money instead of spending almost an entire day trying to fix what Comodo did to my system.

It conflicted with something, I thought at first that it was my old firewall but even after I manually uninstalled it, Comodo still had my computer rebooting about every three minutes or so ALL fargin day and night!

I'm now going to go looking for a different firewall and Comodo will *NEVER* pollute my hard drive again!  Instead, Comodo belongs in the commode as far as I'm concerned!

Technorati Tags: toilet, growl, nightmare, reboot loop, software conflict, comodo, firewall

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