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The Back Of The Class?

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 7th, 2008

I don't suppose it's a surprise to many that politicians are a strange breed.  A good example is something that's recently been bugging me once again with all the political advertising, campaigning and debates Etc., Etc., ad nauseam you keep hearing how this or that candidate want's to make sure that the rich pay more of their share or that middle class families have access to better health plans and lower taxes (or at least we're told to read somebody's lips ... 'no new taxes' in George Bush Sr style.  And so on.

There is however a group that is consistently ignored by politicians almost universally and that is those people who don't have enough to qualify as quote "middle class" unquote.  It's the people at the bottom of the ladder, going through life on the short end of the stick.  They're the ones that don't seem to get any mention to speak of.

Oh, you might see an occasional mention once in a while of a special case or three but for the most part this part of our society is pretty much swept under the rug until the holidays come around and then everybody does the best that they can to be seen doing somebody a favor and getting them a holiday dinner or some such.

Now I am not a hamster, the gesture is a good one and is appreciated.  The problem is that few people think about these lives the rest of the year.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and any time a politician or corporate type wants to score some social brownie points with the public (and more importantly than that, the press.).

Argh!  It's a mess.

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