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Perhaps the single biggest part of "President Elect" Obama's entire campaign has been his platform of change.  Apparently that change is already in action before he even takes office.  The first thing to change has the recently established presidential transition website at

The single most significant part of this change is on the agenda page which seems to have been hit with a digital diet pill of considerable strength.

A CBS News story points out that when it was first launched, the site's agenda page contained detailed policy agendas for Iraq, Heath Care and more.

Now, as of Nov. 11, 2008 that page has lost a lot of weight.  Specifically, the CBS article pointed out that three major sections are now gone from the agenda page and have been replaced with:

a vague statement saying that Obama and running mate Joe Biden have a "comprehensive and detailed agenda" that will "bring about the kind of change America needs," with the individual pages deleted entirely.

Fortunately, the writer of that story, Declan McCullagh, has seen to it that the now missing portions of the transition site have been preserved in pdf form on

I've posted mirror images of the vanished homeland security section (pdf), the technology section (pdf), and the newsroom section (pdf) listing the different topics on the right side of the page.

As for why the site has changed, I am not a hamster, I know that there are times when politicians need to change positions, opinions and so on, however this change to the transition website combined with the -apparent- effort to just "make it disappear" just kinda raises a flag.  Even if it's perfectly innocent, it doesn't look good.

I have also found that the files linked above have been inserted into freenet 0.5 just in case they should disappear from the where they are currently hosted.

*(For these links to work you must be running freenet 0.5 on*

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