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YouTube Fun: Banana Phone

Posted by Non-Hamster on November 19th, 2008

In recent months this blog has tended to stray just a bit from it's original intention of being something that I mostly want to have fun with.  Therefore I am not a hamster will be returning to pursuing that goal somewhat more than I have been of late.  I started to think that with the elections are over it'll be a bit easier to come up with lighter, funnier stuff but frankly, it's never really TOO difficult.

I'm going to try to make it a bit easier by starting a new series called "YouTube fun".  It's going to be a series of videos that take a look at some fun aspect of YouTube, either something found on YouTube or some aspect of the site itself.  I get to benefit both ways because not only do I get to spend more time dwelling on funnier stuff but I also get to make videos about it.

This first episode is about a long time YouTube favorite, Banana Phone (or is it "Bananaphone"?  For that matter, does it matter?)

I first discovered Banana Phone when my wife sent me a web page that had a looping flash movie with graphics I recognized from the infamous Badger video and a high pitched, ovbiously sped up song about a Banana Phone.

It's one of those things that can be entertaining, drive you nuts, make you wonder about the sanity of the person responsible, make you wonder about your own sanity when you keep going back to the page to watch it again, and finally convince you of in in-sanity of a large number of people when you discover that there's over 5,000 search results on YouTube alone for the phrase "Banana Phone".

Ok, Enough of the intro and on to the first episode of YouTube Fun:

Banana Phone clips used from the following videos:

ReelTreble92, Banana Phone

parodymaker1, Raffi-Banana Phone

ChiliStrauch, Fast Banana Phone

handyman12345, Banana Phone - WARNING: Contains bright flashing colours!

Drabaz, Banana Phone Z

sh00rty, Half Life 2 Bananaphone

TownIdiot25, Hillary Clinton Does BananaPhone

sesamestreet66, Sesame Street - Bert and Ernie - Bananaphone

Thanks to all.  Let's keep those fun videos coming!

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