Social Gaming

We’ve all heard of social networking, it’s become a pretty big thing in the Internet based world whether it’s involved with growing a blog’s readership, any number of different kinds of online and offline businesses. It’s also become quite a big thing in online gaming.

I’m not just talking about the big MMORG franchise operations like WoW either. This has extended big time to sites like Facebook and MySpace. If you’ll have a look at their gaming apps, you’ll find that all of ’em have, as part of how you get better in-game rewards is to recruit other people to play the game, usually under the guise of joining your alliance, group, guild, Etc.

Not only do you expand your friends network on the site, you also can use the site’s invitation features to invite more people to join the site so that they can join your clan, guild, kingdom, alliance, Etc and aid you in your battle against the {insert plot object here}.

Now I am not a hamster, some of these games are fairly involved variations of empire building and management that I enjoy playing. Others require what seems like an awful lot of effort, page loading, flash loading and CPU time for comparatively little return. For example, the pillow fight game on Facebook is cute and all, but when you compare how much entertainment you get out of it with how long it takes to receive and reply to every pillow fight request you get, It makes me wish that it were written in such a way that you could deal with all of them in one time loading the app.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. If you have 10 such requests, you have to click the “hit them back” button for each one. That causes the app to load, where you can then handle your “reply”. After this you click “home” on facebook and re-load your requests and click “hit them back” on the next request where the cycle starts all over again.

This means that for each such request, you’re spending a good two to three minutes dealing with each one. If you’ve got a couple dozen stacked up from various apps, you could be there most of the day just doing that.

Seems to me that there’s got to be a better way to run those apps.

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