Update On Florida High School Problem

A few days ago I posted about a “reverse racist” situation going on in a Florida high school. I heard from Kat yesterday and she’s planning to take a trip to the school Monday since there’s apparently been nothing done about the situation yet (Big surprise eh?).

She’s planning to drop in a little before lunchtime and speak to someone in person about the issue, followed by a trip to the cafeteria to take some pictures and, if she sees any going on, video of the bullying. She’s plannin to post the resulting pics and video and send ’em to the local tv news station.

This is probably the best thing to do. Given video of this stuff going on, especially if it’s posted on YouTube in addition to being sent to the tv news people, the problem will be made that much harder for the school officials from the teachers to the school board to ignore.

When it’s all said and done, I am not a hamster, there’s a huge chance that several people are going to have to hope that their UGG boots are “made for walk’in”, because they’re sure as heck going to be hitting the bricks. And I think giving serious thought to a change in career choice, this kind of thing has a way of following people.

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