Reality Sucks

It’s been nearly a month since my last post and just in case any interested readers that don’t already know, my wife passed away on 12/31/08, that link goes to a post that tells a bit of the story that I simply can’t tell again.

It’s been a tad over a week and a half and as much as I’d rather take a couple months off to get myself together again, it’s already long past time I got back to writing. Though I have to say that it’s not easy, in fact it’s been downright hard to just come up with a way to work my trademark phrase “I am not a hamster” into this post without sounding like an even bigger nutjob than usual.

I have been doing a bit of maintenance, upgrading plugins, making a note to test out WordPress 2.7 on a test blog before I consider “upgrading” to it and generally making sure things are working. Observant visitors will notice that the Widgetbucks thing is now gone from the sidebar. It was causing the entire blog to be inexcusably slow to load and frankly, it wasn’t making any money anyway.

Which brings me to a cold reality that I actually almost hate myself for taking about. You see, my wife was many things to me… friend, lover, nursemaid, counselor and more. She also had an income that was very nearly half of the minimum household budget. Without her that portion of the household income is gone which puts me in, to say the least, a bad position.

To make up that difference I’m making changes. One of which is to try to monetize the daylights out of everything that I can and hope & pray that I’ll get enough money out of various affiliate programs (and yes, even Adsense) to make up the difference.

To that end, effective with this post, There’s now a “Boo Box” widget under every post serving ads for products at Amazon. I’ll be adding Adsense blocks over the next few days as well. I am also going to begin offering 125×125 banner positions within the body of each post and in the sidebar that will rotate banner contents at random. As soon as I work out pricing details I’ll add a page with all the needed details.

Another project involves a partnership with the folks at Domain Carryout,. an Exclusive clearinghouse for premium domain names made up of easily pronounceable and memorable word or phrases that are NOT available anywhere else. You will note that their banner graphics are already in position on this and several other of my blogs and will soon be appearing on the rest of them. If you’re looking for a good domain name and don’t want to spend hours trying possible names at a registrar only to find out that everything you like is already taken or sifting though mountains of garbage at auction sites only to be outbid, then domain carryout is an ideal place to look for that premium domain name.

Finally, I’ve even gone so far as to create a Paypal donate button that will accept donations in whatever amount to my “operation fund” which is dedicated to keeping rent and essential bills paid while I’m busy working my arse off trying to generate a useful amount of online income as fast as possible.

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