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The Best Online Moneymakers

Posted by Non-Hamster on January 9th, 2009

Now that I'm moving into "high gear" in my efforts to make money online, I realize that the first thing I need to do is identify what are the best, most profitable without investment or the need to handle physical inventory, means to make money?

For example, Having gotten Adsense installed, it's obvious that I need to produce content that's going to trigger Adsense ads that get good response and therefore pay best.  I've spent a bunch of time in recent days trying to find the answer to that question.  One source swore up and down that travel is a huge deal these days, which means that writing posts about travel and travel related topics would trigger Adsense ads related to that topic.  If I were to write a post about some of the more interesting North Carolina Outer Banks vacation spots, then Adsense would show ads relevant to that content and that would increase the shot of getting natural clicks.

The second most popular suggestion was porn.  Yeah, right.  Believe me, I am not a hamster, there's zero shot of me getting into that industry.

"You don't wanna see this in a speedo" - Tim Allen, The Santa Clause 2.

Aside from the truly awful though of me doing anything pornographic, I wouldn't begin to know where to begin acquiring enough of that sort of "content" to be able to make a living selling access to it.  Besides, with all the exhibitionist types out there these days, it seems to me that there ought to be plenty of free stuff.

Third on the list is "money making opportunities" and related information.  Usually in the form of ebooks and screencast videos, this is essentially people getting rich by telling others how to get rich.  It seems a bit circular to me to be honest.  Not only that but I wouldn't want to promote something like that unless I had first hand knowledge that the system presented actually worked.

Following that is software.  I have done a bit of programming and even developed a freeware utility to serve as a GUI front end for the mixminion anonymous email software.  What I have not done is come up with any kind of program that people would be willing to pay for.

Various web services are also on the list of good money makers.  Anything from website design, graphic design, building and maintaining web sites.  I'm a decent coder when I know what needs to be done but most of the time these days I'm doing pretty good to keep my own blogs and websites working and up to date.  As for graphics, lets just say that I can manage the easier stuff in the Gimp and I'm learning more all the time about making videos and doing special effects, however these things can eat huge blocks of time.  Especially if you need to edit video one frame at a time to do certain effects.  I enjoy doing it, I'm just not sure how much earning potential there is for me there right now.

So.  Now it's time to open this up to you oh faithful readers.  Let's hear from you.  What online money makers have you used?  How effective have they been?  Can you pull $300 or more USD per week?  More?

"I'm listening" -- Dr. Frasier Crane

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