Using Twitterfeed To Auto Update Twitter With Your Latest Blog Posts

Some time back I finally broke down and created a twitter account. To this day I’m still not sure why. I guess it was mostly to find out what so many people were talking about when they talked about twitter, tweets and so on.

Then I ran into something interesting. I saw that there were several people that posted a new tweet for every new blog post and a tinyurl link to the post. This looked like an obvious good idea, especially if you have a sizable twitter following, to keep your followers updated when you post new blog entries. That way when you write that about that latest weight loss pills review, everyone following you on twitter can know about it and have a handy link to your post.

Thing is, I write in several blogs and I am not a hamster, there’s just no way I was about to micro manage twitter, manually posting every time I wrote a new blog entry. On a busy day that could mean a dozen or more entries across several blogs and that would easily add up quickly.

Enter twitterfeed. This extremely handy service scans your RSS feed on a regular basis. When it spots a new post, it logs into your twitter account and tweets an announcement of your newest posting.

Here’s a quick video tutorial I did today that walks you through setting up twitterfeed to update your twitter page with links to your latest blog posts.

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